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VPN stuck at status 98%

We are running Windows Server 2012 R2. We have installed the most recent FortiNet client (vpn only), version We have configured an SSL-VPN connection. When we click on the " connect" button, the status progresses all the way to 98% and then hangs. We have disabled the windows firewall, do not have any anti virus software installed, no group policies are being applied, and no other applications are running when we attempt to make the VPN connection. Thanks for helping!
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Hi All,


I just fix it by apply this fix and re-install fortigate client.!2065&authkey=!AAeyjPB4O4uVxek


You may find the detail from this forums. Hope this could help you all. Thanks.

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I seem to be experiencing this problem, or very similar problem. 


Forticlient hangs at 98% while connecting.  But this only happen occasionally -- especially if the connect dropped for some reason and I try to connect again (possibly every time this happens).


I am able to get Forticlient to connect if I reboot my machine.  So maybe this is not the identical problem discussed here.  Sometimes it gives the "You already have an open SSL VPN connection" warning, but not always. Either way, it stops at 98%, after a minute or so, it just clears the login fields of the forticlient window as if nothing had ever happened.


Rebooting my machine "resets" something and makes connection possible.  But this is a frustrating workaround.  


Is there a process or service I should be able to restart that would have the same effect as rebooting?

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First thing I would check is the even log on the FortiGate (found under: Log & Report > Event Log > VPN). This should give you some clues on what is causing the VPN to fail. You could also test the VPN connection from another computer/network/username to isolate if the problem is on the FortiGate side or the server.
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1. Open IE, go to Options -> Connections -> Remove FortiSSL device 2. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and features -> FortiSSL client -> Open, select REPAIR package 3. Open Network connections and you will see new FortiSSL device with icon of vintage phone.

You may also try going into settings for the connection and check the box " Do not warn invalid server certificate" and see if that pushes you over the hump, let us know.
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RE: Warren Olson We tried leaving the " do not warn invalid server certificate" unchecked as well as checked and it did not change the problem. RE: Dushyant After the repair, we noticed that in " Network Connections" that the " fortissl" is showing " Unavailable- device missing" . Looking in the properties of " fortissl" network connection on the " general" tab, in the " Connect using:" box it says " Modem Removed- Unavailable device ()" . RE: neonbit We bumped the logging up to " debug" level and saw this error in the logs: 8/1/2014 5:39:39 PM Error VPN FortiSslvpn: 2356: Ras : connection to fortissl failed : 0:0: This might coincide with the " fortssl" connection mentioned above. The FortiNet VPN client successfully connects with Windows 7 but not with Windows Server 2012 R2.

ORIGINAL: FKribs The FortiNet VPN client successfully connects with Windows 7 but not with Windows Server 2012 R2.
I had similar issue, my work around was instead of using ssl vpn we used forticlient.

Fortigate Newbie

Fortigate Newbie

Hello, we have a similar issue: Working SSLVPN client at Windows 7 / stuck SSLVPN at Windows 8.0 or 8.1 I have a ticket open at FortiSupport and they identified a bug. (hopefully they fix it soon) Sincerely Harald

use Forticlient 4.3.5 it works 100%
hezvo uko
hezvo uko
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Please use an Old version of SSL-VPN client.

Ahead of the Threat. FCNSA v5 / FCNSP v5

Fortigate 1000C / 1000D / 1500D


Ahead of the Threat. FCNSA v5 / FCNSP v5 Fortigate 1000C / 1000D / 1500D
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FortiClient Version has the same issue. It hangs at 98%.

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