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Resolved! EAP-TLS challenges

Hello,Just got a brand-new Fortinet setup.Tried to do EAP-TLS with computer authentication + LDAP + Company PKI.But can't get it to work, so went back to basic, and using FortiAuthenticator as CA and User authenticationI am getting this error: 2022-0...

KennethH by New Contributor II
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Fortiauthenticator and Netscaler

Dear, Recently I've deployed one 2FA with Nestscaler and Fortiauthenticator + LDAP, I've imported the LDAP users and the authentication with 2FA is working.The problem arrives whe the user password expires, How can I send the password renewal to the ...

FortiAuthenticator: FortiToken 2FA fails (sometimes)

Hi Everyone, We have created and are using SSL-VPN on FortiGate with 2FA configured on FortiAuthenticator for remote employees for almost a year now. The users are Remote LDAP users and FortiToken is configured on FortiAuthenticator. Recently we star...

chethan by New Contributor
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Resolved! weird problem with one FortiAuthenticator

I am having a weird problem with a testing FAC instance. It's a VM with private IP It's in a isolated environment and I am using a jumpbox machine to access it. The issue is if I access it by , it's...


Resolved! FortiAuthenticator guest portal like McDonald

I would like to setup FortiAuthenticator and Fortigate to provide McDonald like WIFI access, when you connect, it pop up a disclaim page, and once user clicked "I accept", it grant the user access directly. Is this doable ? I have tried to use Portal...

I cant view my payment gateway website

hi everyonei am newly trying fortigate firewall.. and lets say i am having a custom payment gateway to make invoice to customers ( after i reach the site i cant log in and the screen showing white only nothing else and the browser keeps loadi...

zakky by New Contributor II
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