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SSL VPN DNS problem

When I connect by SSL-VPN with Forticlient and I do a Nslookup I get this DNS time out;nslookup request timed out.timeout was 2 seconds.Server: UnKnownAddress: 10.300.2.2Name: 10.300.2.3 When I do it local...

CHR57 by New Contributor
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Testing wireless

Any body using it and have it up and running? I have tried to set it up but can't seem to find any feedback. Can't find any status regarding if its active or not. Don't know where results are supposed to be shown. Have check the logs but no luck.

Webex "unable to connect to audio or video"

To fix this issuefollow the post. You need to add a webfilter on all the URL's that Webex use.List of URL's here To add all these massive subnets you ...

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nbutt by New Contributor II
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forticlient ssl vpn connected but no byte recieved

I'm trying to access some sites that are secured through forticlient VPN. I'm able to connect to VPN but the sites that I want to access are not accessible. byte received is 0. I've looked at log files. Config handler looks like why I'm having this b...

FortiGate SSL VPN for corporate devices only

Hello!We have a FortiGate in 6.4.X and we re already using SSL VPN with 2FA with Fortitoken, and we must keep this 2FA auth.We use Foticlient 6.4 with free license.Now we want to enforce that only notebooks from the company can connect to the VPN.We ...

kamarale by New Contributor
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Forticlient config file not saving password

When creating a backup config file from a ipsec connected Forticlient and using that file to create a new Forticlient only the username shows up when installing the custom Fortlclient on a new PC.How to modify the config file that also the password i...

Foxx by New Contributor
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