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We've been using a FMG-VM about 7 months in production, which is now 6.4.8 running. But still see Auto-update happens to a few managed FGTs without any local config changes.Mostly seems to be harmless when I diff config revisions before and after, wh...
One of our 1500D a-p HA pairs recently experienced a master reboot twice (6.2.9 and 6.2.10 today) and switched over. I have a ticket at TAC and was told WAD crashes were the cause since lots of them are recorded in the crashlog. Also told this was a ...
Did anyone notice your FG40F's SPEED LEDs on the front panel never light up for LAN1-3 and A ports, while it works fine (orange=100M/green=1G) on WAN port? I have two of them showing in the same way. Toshi
Did anyone know constraints with CLI templates in v6.4.x when you want to adjust members of a hardware switch like internal on an FG60x and create a second hard-switch interface with those freed up members?What I'm experiencing seems to be... it work...
Did anyone else get below NPU errors with a combination of v6.4.5 and FG40F? I just uploaded the image and started configuring SDWAN when I saw these errors on the console port. I opened a ticket at TAC but might take a while before getting a respons...
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