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I searched online but couldn't find exactly how to do this.We want to upload a logo image file to replace in the disclaimer page. But want to do it from TFTP or SFTP via CLI. Does anybody have the command and destination folder in the FGT's filesyste...
Looks like FAC's FTM activation email subject line format seems to be below: "FortiToken Mobile FTKMxxxxxxxx Activation on " Which is different from FortiGate's activation email: "FortiToken Mobile Activation on FortiGate" In our case, the interface ...
Does anybody know if anything has just changed on FTNT side in case FortiToken/FortiToken Mobile is deployed on FGTs in a-p environment? We've been deploying FortiToken Mobile to multiple customers with our a-p HA FGT environment for at least last 5 ...
Our Fortimanager(FMG) is running 6.4.7. We encountered a situation we had to add one VIP policy at only one location/FGT (so far) of this customer while all other policies (60+ of them) are the same with other locations.I kind of know the answer alre...
I just heard a rumor about 70F to replace 60F due to chip shortage. But I can't find anything online yet. Does anyone have more detail of this? Thanks, Toshi
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