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Traffic issue between tunnel interfaces

Sorry to bother people and its my first time on the forum, im hoping people could cast a light on where the issue lies as we are finding that when it comes to our site to site vpn between the Fortigate in the office and the fortigateVM in Azure when ...

wlknsl by New Contributor
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Hide NAT with port forwarding towards internet

Hello, Is it possible please to implement port forwarding towards internet on Forti running v6.2.7? All the guides mention only port forwarding from internet to your internal network, but we need to achieve opposite. Customer is using Proxy which is ...

null byte at the end of syslog lines

Hi,I'm sending firewall logs via syslog to a server, where I process data and save it to a local database, but after the update from 6.2.7 to 6.2.8, I see that all lines ends with null byte unicode "u\0000" as if null was used as a separator instead ...

Axiv by New Contributor
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Forti60 Remote administration fails

Should be simple but I'm stuck. I have a new HA pair of Forti60 and I just need remote admin access. I can get in on a LAN interface and have the public WAN configured to allow http, https and SSH. I'm over an hour away from the office and went in la...

Help regarding Application Control

Dear Fortinet Team, We are having an issue regarding Application Control which is that there is a VPN name "Shoora" and our fortigate firewall is unable to block it and users are accessing blocked social media apps and website. Kindly add Shoora vpn ...