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Trunking FortiSwitch to Cisco Switch

Having issues connecting 2 Cisco Switches to standalone managed FortiSwitches. See diagram below. The Cisco switches are running rapid-pvst.When we connect these up, the ports go into error-disabled. I believe we are running into STP issues because t...


Assistance in moving to new network topology

Hi Fortinet Community!, I have a client whose network I managed from overseas. We are undertaking a restructuring of the current network design to increase scalability and security for the future. I have not had any experience configuring this using ...

aoakley by New Contributor
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Trunk Ports on Standalone Fortiswitch 148E POE

Hello, I want to know how many trunk ports can i configure on a standalone fortiswitch 148E POE. I want to configure 18 different ports as trunk ports but when i am going to configure the 17th it does not let me.I managed to configure all 18 ports as...

Resolved! Fortigate Network Design

Hello everyone,I have a design plan on my mind with one FortiGate 200F (or 100F) that will have the WAN from ISP Router. Then I will have 2 (can be 4 or more) FortiSwitch 248E. I am planning to buy these and make network infrastructure with. Our offi...

n2.png nt1.png

Inter-vlan routing

Hi, after some guidance for best practice with inter vlan routing. Currently we have most sites where vlans reside on router but due to streaming video footage from one vlan to another we are considering moving the vlans to the switch, servers contai...

markd-bit by New Contributor
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