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Hi FG adminsToday on a FortiOS 7.4.4 I accidentally tried active portal and it surprisingly popped-up on my PC a very nice desktop notification (bottom-right) with a click-button and telling that an active portal is present, like FortiNAC does in iso...
Hi FG adminsIn Virtual Server configuration with LB method set to HTTP Host, when configuring real servers, does the "HTTP host" field support regular expression or at least wildcard like *
Hi FortiGate adminsEven when it works well we usually feel the need to understand how it works.A common scenario when we publish a HTTPS Web server through a VS (for load-balancing and/or HTTP host based routing) and a proxy inspection firewall polic...
Hi FG adminsI have two FortiGates:2 physical FG with FOS 7.0.15 and FOS 6.2.x1 FG VM with FOS 7.2.8On 7.0.15 and 6.2.x, when I try create two identical VIPs (same external IP and same port), it denies it and shows a red message:"Conflicts with the Ex...
Hi FortiNAC adminsUsually my Cisco switch-ports are pre-configured by network admin to accept voice VLAN, like this:switchport voice vlan 20Now assume that my ports are not configured so, I mean they are access ports with only DATA VLAN.In that case,...