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VPN app

good afternoon, we want to block Internet access via vpn.I have added to the pn programs that are in the database, but those that are not in the database have access to the network.How to make all third-party VPN programs automatically blocked from c...

Resolved! IPSEC VPN with private ip

Hi, I'm setting up a site-to-site IPSec VPN from fortiwifi40f to GCP Google; but I am getting the following error. Delete IPSec phase1 sa, when I check the logs I find that from GCP (Google Cloud Plataform) it tells me that the peer is behind a NAT, ...

wamendoza by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Multiple port forward

Hello, I am a beginner with Fortigate and i am trying to connect an H.323 video conference system in my office in order to make conferences with remote locations but since i will connect the system behind NAT, i have to forward several ports to the v...

vazexa by New Contributor
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Hello Experts ,I need to test internet line speed using but it seems to be blocked and the traffic calls distributed randoms servers and random URLs around the world so if i made sometimes works , so if there any way ...