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Forticlient after connected will disconnect after 30sec

affected one user, he change laptop, after connect to vpn he will disconnect every 30sec [177:root:0]SND: IPCP Configure_Request id(1) [IP_Address] [177:root:0]RCV: IPCP Configure_Request id(0) [IP_Address] [Primary_DNS_IP_Addr...

SSLVPN with .3 IP addresss 0 bytes

Hello, on our FortiGate 6.0.6, a few FortiClient VPN 6.0.5 users reported, that when they are assigned an IP address with x.y.z.3 at the end nothing works. If a user gets x.y.z.1, x.y.z.2, x.y.z.4, x.y.z.5, etc. all the corporate resources are fine. ...

Mantvydas by New Contributor
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FVE-100E dropping calls

Hello Guys, I have a issue i can't wrap my head around, i managed a fortivoice 100e sometimes user experience drop calls when connected will a caller for a few seconds or minutes, so far i upgraded the firmware to v6.0.9, change the sip ports and por...

jhutson by New Contributor
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Failover Internet to Teltonika RUT240 4G

I'm looking for advice on configuring failover internet to a Teltonika RUT240 (WAN2) in passthrough mode. As soon as I plugged in the WAN2 interface the connection would drop until I added a firewall policy to allow traffic over WAN2 on investigation...

FortiGate 100E with Security Policies and Microsoft Store

I've recently been testing the security policies and I've found I can no longer download any App from the Microsoft Store. I've set an override in the app control profile to allow Microsoft Store. I'm using the default AV, Web filter, and DNS profile...

cvc_lukes by New Contributor
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fortigate 90D interface 2 and onward

Dear sir, If I connect the interface 2 (port 2) to a switch with POE and inside switch if i connect an wireless access point everything works fine and i can ping the ip of access point also i can do web manage the access points with one access points...