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Fortigate 60F Upgrade Path Not found

Hi there. My company has a Fortigate 60F Firewall and when trying to upgrade the firmware from 7.0.1 to version 7.0.2 it gives the error "Upgrade path not found" Is there a reason for this? Is there another way around this as I do not want to do a ma...

Is Adtarget malware or clean?

Hi, Seeing this on our firewall for a few users. "" Firewall lists it as malware, threat name CnC, detect method infected domain. It appears to be tracking perhaps? Anyone familiar with it? I am pushing full antivirus scan...

febira by New Contributor
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FreeVPN app needs to be blocked in a school network

Hi Team, I have a FortiGate-200E that I need to have FreeVPN app that can be downloaded from AppStore to be blocked.I wasn't able to find any logs on FAZ related to the traffic from when the device is trying to connect to a sever and connect to VPN a...

Medo162 by New Contributor
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Async routing with specific fg cluster access and VRRP

Dear communityI likely have a very specific issue that might be completly "normal", I just want to make sure I have my bases covered... Situation:We have two clusters (four fortigates in total) in two different data centers (dc 1 and dc 2). About a d...

scheuri by New Contributor
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Hello i need help my ip address blocked

Hello my name is Tiny Destiny I don't know about fortiguard Lab technology is But my ip address have been blocked from anti-spam from fortiguard I was trying to contact customer service to they alread...

Resolved! FortiManager: Firmware Template - FortiGuard Image

Hi, I'm running a FortiManager in v7.0.2, we have preconfigured "Firmware Templates" to centrally schedule Firmware Upgrades on the managed devices. Now that the new FortiOS 6.4.8 has been released, we would like to upgrade to this version.Unfortunat...

be_fg by New Contributor II
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