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Resolved! HA active-passive but I can't watch a "slave"

Hi, everybody It seems that I have successfully enabled synchronization of the cluster that was working offline before me, and all the settings were duplicated manually. But when it worked and I see that they are both in a cluster from the main serve...

Dubos by New Contributor III
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DHCP Lease Time Expiry is much longer than configured

Hi, All, Using a Fortigate 100D here and configured it as DHCP server to a VLAN, the odd ball is, in the DHCP server setting DHCP Option 51 is set to 43200, however, on the DHCP Monitor, the client shows with expiry time at 19 Days +, do you see the ...

pang_ml by New Contributor
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VPN SSL con forti 90D y 70D

Buen dia amigos del foro, soy nuevo en forti y mis conocimientos son bajos en firewall, Mi nombre es Luis Octavio soy ing. en sistemas de Mexico, estado de San Luis Potosi.Con version de fortios 5.0Quisiera pedir ayuda para crear una VPN SSL con el f...

Send command outputs to FTP Server

Hello, I want to send "get system performance status" output regularly (per hour maybe) to a FTP server or somewhere else. By this way I want to trace my fortigate (5.0) performans statics. Is there a solution for this? Alternative solutions also wel...

cuneyt by New Contributor
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FortiWiFi 90D update

Hello my device is FortiWiFi 90D, Firmware v5.0,Build0290(GA Patch 9)my question is.1. when download firmware, I can not select product FortiWiFi. should I select Fortigate?2. what version is my device? 5.0.9 or 5.0.0?3. what is my upgrade path?4. ho...

scott_gao by New Contributor
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[HELP] IPTV port with VLAN

Hey guy, would like someone enlighten me how to setup IPTV interfaces. I have been scratching head for over 2 years for now. In here most of my country market selling normal router like asus brand or TPLink, there is wizard setup internet, there is I...

Resolved! Physical Lan Interface configuration i have see above thread for changing switch mode to interface mode, but cant find the line " set internal-switch-mode switch" and change that to " set internal-switch-mode interface" in Firmware Version v5....

billylo by New Contributor
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