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Forum Posts ACCprofile bypass

Good day, I'm setting up a server to authenticate all our FGTs and it's working fine.But, when a diferent (TacacsUserGroup) tries to log in a FGT which doesn't have configured it's (TacacsAdmin_profile), it logs in as a super_admin instead...

noc by New Contributor
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Invalid Certificate for Firmware RSS Feed

Hi Guys! The Certificate of Firmware RSS Feed is Out-of-Date. Is there a new URL?Or does anyone know, how to contact Fortinet to fix this? Best Regards,Max

citystar by New Contributor II
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Browsing through forum categories?

Sorry for my maybe stupid question, but how can I browse here in the new forum? I always found it very pleasant to browse through a topic (for example Fortimail) - especially before upgrades this gave a quick overview of any problems. Now I can only ...

mhe by Contributor
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One weird case with some Fortiswitch 524D-FPOE.

A couple of days ago, I was plugging some IP cameras up to an existing network. The TR where these cameras would be connected only had a stack of two switches. If I plugged the camera in any of the two switches, these would reboot themselves most tim...

Resolved! Fortigate Firewall - Release 6.2.x - SSL VPN

HiI've just update firmware from 6.0.14 to 6.2.0 and I found that 10 free VPN license on previous release is deleted.Now, if I need to enable 10 VPN SSL connection on new release, what do I do? What is EMS? ThanksMarco

marcog86 by New Contributor
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NSE 4 Exam

Hii, I am thinking to Write NSE 4 in the upcoming week. So now my doubt is to attend NSE4 exam is it mandatory to complete NSE1, NSE2 and NSE3 Certifications ?? Actually i have Completed my NSE1, NSE2 and NSE3 certifications on 12/Aug/2019. And i hea...

NSE8 - Certificate validity "extension"

Hi, As Fortinet Training team is not able to send an email to all NSE8 people (I asked them to do it, but they don't care..) and just messed up the communication about the NSE validity extension for NSE8, here is a useful information (I received this...

hklb by Contributor II
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