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FortiMail Datasheet

Dear FortiMail Expert,Pls bear with me, not so technical questions. I just want to hear how others may address such questions.I bumped to one of my client and asked me the ff entries in FML Datasheet. Is anyone willing to share his/her tought on belo...

R_F by New Contributor III
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Fortimail SPF Sender Alignment do not working

Hi,we getting a lot of financial spam advertisements that have "Form" field other that "Header From" please take a look my Antispam Profile setttings:Log when these emails are coming to Fortimail: And how it looks at the employees Outlook:Fortimail s...

Sender alignment tag - do not work.jpg
Tutek by New Contributor
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What tweaks do you use?

We're using Fortimail as a frontend to filter email going to an Exchange server. Looking for suggestions on what y'all might have found to be helpful in improving identification of unwanted emails to either reject or quarantine? Thanks!

Two different session profile, same source IP

Hi all,Running 6.2.7, i'm trying to apply two different session profiles in both IP policies, but with same source IPResult: always match the first IP policy in order; it seems that the match is triggered just by source IP and ignore everything else ...

abelio by Contributor III
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fortimail and it's HA cluster setup.

Hello all. recently our fortimail v6.4.3, which is configured in active\passive cluster, hang a bit. as result transport queue was stopped, port 25 closed, no messages was received\deliver to\from internet. GUI was not accessible, and the only way to...

Fortimail cloud migration

Hi Team,I have a query.We have fortimail on-prem appliance at the premise. We are looking to migrate to Fortimail cloud (saas) solution.What are the steps to be done ? What we need to look at ? Can anyone give me a suggestion ?