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Missing Security Fabric Setup



I notice in Security Fabric\Fabric Connectors in Core Network Security I'm missing Security Fabric Setup tab.

I'm not sure why is that. In other Fortigates FGT60E and FGT60F it is and can configure it without no problem.

Was checking Global and also root.

Device is FGT 500E 6.4.8 in HA.

It is because of Vdom enabled?




I hope FGT 500E is managed through FortiManger, if so you will have to configure the security fabric from FortiManager.




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Thank you for your replay!


FGT 500E is not managed through FortiManager but this is not the case.

Reason I need to configure Security Fabric Setup is because need to check/turn on SAML SSO on my FortiClientEMS.

So basicly need Security Fabric Setup tab on my FortiGate to configure Security Fabric SetupSAML.

In FortiGate 6.4.8 administration guide i notice this:



  • FortiGate devices must either have VDOMs disabled or be running in split-task VDOM mode in order to be added to the Security Fabric. See Virtual Domains.
  • FortiGate devices must be operating in NAT mode.

So it is possible there is no Security Fabric Setup tab because I got multivdom enabled in my FGT500E?


Hey pieciaq,

FortiClient EMS needs to be added in the Global > Security Fabric section if you have VDOMS enabled, not in any of the VDOM Security Fabrics, at least that's how it worked for me in a lab I set up recently (FGT 7.0 though).


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Hey Debbie_FTNT, thanks for your response,

this also not the case, I got connected EMS thru Security Fabric like You say.

But now want to enabled SAML SSO in EMS and to do it need to enabled it in FGT Security Fabric Setup, and that is what I missing, probably because of multivdom enabled in 6.4.8 version of FortiOS.

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