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Good day everyone, I'd be glad to hear your input on - what are benefits/disadvantages of IPSec site-to-site 2 tunnels between 2 Fortigates, each having 2 ISP links inside/outside SD-WAN membership? SD-WAN config including both ISP links for Internet...
Good day everyone, I am trying to get real-time throughput/bandwidth of the traffic passing the Fortigate stats, but to no avail so far. I need it 30-60 days back, so FortiView does not help here. I tried querying perf-stats log column which is sent ...
Good day everyone,I am trying to understand how and what for to use peertype dialup settings in Phase1 interface mode for IPSec VPN client connections. The documentation just lists this option, Google tells contradicting stories. I tried just for luc...
Good day everyone,I am trying to understand why - is it a bug/normal behavior/or my misunderstanding, and your help is much appreciated.Problem: FGVM learns via BGP some route, then using route-map, sets its next hop to dummy address, which...
Hello everyone,I've noticed Fortinet docs less and less mention diagnose debug commands in the documentation. Where do you find them when in need, especially for the new FortiOS versions? There was once Wiki https://wiki.diagnose.fortinet.com with al...
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