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Description This article describes difference between file type and Pattern in DLP. Scope Solution The file type is to scan the actual content of the file. The file pattern is to check the name of the file. For Example: if the zip does not contain th...
Description This article describes recommended banned word settings. Scope Solution Sometimes when the website is blocked by using the banned word, further access to the website (no ban word) will be blocked. when the user-agent is Firefox or Chrome,...
Description This article describes how to View the ICAP response in version FortiProxy 2.0 Scope Solution The following debug must be enabled to view the ICAP server response in the Fortiproxy 2.0. To enable WAD's ICAP + HTTP debug: # diag wad debug ...
Description This article describes how to view the ICAP response in FortiProxy. Scope Solution For the ICAP server support 'X-Infection-Found' or 'X-Virus-ID', customer could enable 'icap-block-log'. ICAP UTM log will be generated. # config icap prof...
Description This article describes that some time, FortiGate log time will be different from the logging device or disk. Scope FortiGate Solution Disable the daylight saving on the FortiGate will correct the log time in both logging units and disk. #...