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Fortigate 60C - OS 5.2.5 - PPPoE dual-stack IPv6 setup


i try to setup an FGT 60c(dsl-modem in bridge mode connected) with 5.2.5 on a DSL-Line with dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) ISP is german Telekom.

I got an static IP for IPv4 and an static prefix for the wan(an /64 prefix) and another for lan(an /56 prefix). All are set during the login, not really a static setup as far as i can see.


  • Problem 1 - I try to setup the connection on an vlan. I get her every time an status failed. Setup direct on the wan-interface it works with ipv4. It's an adsl2 line, no vdsl, so that could be the problem here, so if thats the issue, no problem at the moment, hopfully i get vdsl later this year.[/ul][ul]
  • Problem 2 - Setup the IPv6 part. Does anybody know, how to setup this? As far as i understand, i should get the ip on the wan-interface(or the vlan-interface) by dhcp. But didn't see anything happens here. Set on the wan-interface "IPv6 Addressing mode" to DHCP. But nothing happens here.[/ul]

    Any hints? Im new to the Fortigate, so be kind, if I ask dump questions :)

    Regards Ingo

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    What do you mean by PPPoE? Is this  PPP over ethernet and you negoiate ipv4 & ipv6  or is it DHCP over ethernet?


    What did your ISP provided you for WAN requirements?





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    For ADSL connections from German Telekom you don't need (and cannot use) a VLAN port. Maybe you mix this up with VLAN 7/VLAN 8 used on VDSL lines. So just set up the PPPoE (PPP over ethernet, Ken) parameters in the physical interface setup and you're good. (I use that scheme all the time.)


    For connection via IPv6 the interface should be configured as DHCP client. Unfortunately, I've got no experience with this. Particularily, I have no idea if you can connect to both IPv4 and IPv6 with different methods on the same port - I doubt that. You should give Telekom a call and ask for instructions how to set up IPv6.

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    VLAN -> ok, that what i thought. But found also information to put VLAN on on ADSL.


    For the IPv6 part i found the solution to set autoconf to enable. After that i got the the IPv6 part up.




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