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Hello, have here Problems with port forwarding.OS 5.2.5 and as of today 5.2.6I get in the logs as action everytime an timeout. Setup as described in the tutorial.Example here now for port 25, but problem also on every other port. create an VIP with s...
Hello,i try to setup an FGT 60c(dsl-modem in bridge mode connected) with 5.2.5 on a DSL-Line with dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) ISP is german Telekom.I got an static IP for IPv4 and an static prefix for the wan(an /64 prefix) and another for lan(an /56 ...
Hello, question about handling two 100/40 Mbit vdsl lines over pppoe. Which is the best model to handle the traffic at full speed, with IPS activated. Read about, that pppoe give much overhead on the Firewall-CPU. At start i have here an 60C with an ...