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I pulled down my FML appliance a few months ago, anybody have a use for one? I want to sell or possible donate for a good cause. It could still be used as mail-server or mail-gateway. PM me and let me know of any interest Ken Felix
I hope it 's  all good  ;)
Does anybody have a quick to just temporary disable a FGT from FMG.? I'm not looking at unregistering. When we set the type to "none" we get the following message " Please unregister-device from FortiManager first" Any ideals or is this only controll...
Anybody seen any strange counters on the admin connected sessions and the exact time? What I've notice is the fact that the counter is in a "-" count and after approx 2-3 mins it actually starts counting upwards from 0. look at these screen shots;
Anybody seen this behavior that if you execute time from the cli that the unit will drop your admin-session? Also any ideals on how we can set the timezone? FAZVM64 Platform Full Name : FortiAnalyzer-VM64 Version : v5.4.0-build1019 160217 (GA)
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