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hi, today I set up email alerts for various events (so, event based and not severity level based), and I am missing a setting for hardware failure events, you know, fans, PSU, temperature. A look into the CLI didn't help.Am I thinking too hard, and t...
Hello fellows, for simplicity, I often use my private SSH key to log in into my local admin account on various FGTs (I mean, CLI access via SSH). Now, if instead of a local admin account I use a wildcard admin account against LDAP/MS AD in the backgr...
hello all, I've got a pair of FG-200B running v4.3.18 in A-P HA mode. Each cluster member is at a different location, HA links are across a dedicated line. On each site, there is one Cisco access router (19xx) in front of the FGT providing WAN access...
hello all, I'm planning to place the slave unit of a Fortigate HA cluster into a remote location. There is a leased line (layer 2) for the HA connect. Can anybody confirm that I can run the HA traffic across a VLAN between the access switches on each...
hi guys, I need to size a FGT as an SSLVPN gateway. There will be around 300 concurrent users, albeit on a 400 Mbps line (as of now). No heavy UTM is planned, just some AV, anti-botnet stuff. Remote users will access intranet servers for HTTP, HTTPS,...
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