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Network Policy Server 6.3

We have a working NPS V6.1 that we use to authenticate users logging into the FGT running 5.2.5.

We have created a new W2012 server running NPS 6.3, exported the old database and imported into the new NPS.

From the root VDOM we can ping the new RADIUS server, which is on a directly connected VLAN in the root VDOM, but RADIUS traffic fails saying server is unreachable.

Is anyone aware of any issues with either NPS6.3 or W2012 and FortiOS please?

Is there an issue with having the NPS server on directly conencted VLAN? not on the interface by which the firewall is managed?

We manage via port1 and there is a polciy for RADIUS traffic from port1 toi the VLAN interface, but that is not being hit.


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