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fortigate 30E

hi all 


i have a big problem, i have firewall 30E, the only user i have in it is (super admin) and this user token are enabled 

my problem is im no longer have accesses to my token and i cant get push notification i have the password but it ask for the token 

the other problem i don't have any backup file for the setting of the firewall is there any way to gain accesses to firewall

without factory resting it 

i have firmware 6.2.13

also tried the maintainer account and the only thing i could do is changing the password 


help please 




If you do not have a backup configuration file, the only method to gain access to the Fortigate is to flash format and reconfigure it.It is always recommended to have a super admin account without Fortitoken configured. Kindly refer the document below for instructions on Flash formatting and reloading the firmware.




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