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features are just for read, most doest work

my take on fortigate
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What are you talk about and what do mean? Fortigates are feature rich when you compared them to many of the other models of firewall devices Cisco Sonicwall watchguard etc... Friendly advice if you are going to make a one liner post, try to put some substance in your post If you have gripe about a feature fine, if you don' t understand a feature fine. This is a support forum where folks spends countless of hours to share their experiences, knowledge & assistance with helping others.




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Given your trail in the forums it might be helpful if you get professional assistance from a local Fortinet partner. IMHO all your issues could be resolved with a little knowledge. If not (there are technical limits to every device), he/she could help in devising a concept that will work for you. I agree that simply ranting will not help, not you and not others.


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