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VLAN Setup help (Migration from different vendor)

I had to migrate to a Fortigate from another vendor - According to Fortigate support Hardware acceleration doesn't work on a software switch. 


My setup is as follows:


WAN1 -> Internet


LAN1 = WiFi AP in bridge Mode 

LAN2 = Mac


LAN4 = PiHole (DNS)


The Software switch in the setup is 'VLAN Switch' - It has DHCP for 10.x.x.x addresses on a NAT setup (like your typical SOHO, with IPv6) 


Firewall Policies are more or less the default - but with IPv6 permitting. 


How would I go about doing VLANs in the best way to maintain more or less the same setup with like DHCP on top of VLANs?






the 60F is a Soc4 model and not so weak on the CPU side. For a home office environment, it should do, performance-wise.

The ideal way to handle this would be to get a FortiSwitch 108E (or 108E-PoE if you have VoIP phones), link it to the FGT and let the switch do the switching. Switch controller is built-in in FortiOS, for free. You would prefer this setup if throughput exceeds 100 Mbps constantly, my guess. OTOH, try it out with the FGT alone and watch the CPU load, no worries if it reaches 50% or so.

Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

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