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Migration from Sophos to FortiGate

Hello Guys,


We got a new Customer who currently works with a Sophos Firewall.

Since we usually work with FortiGate we got a new FortiGate for them and normally we set this up by hand.
But we would need the exact same Firewall Rules etc for this Customer (atleast for now, this might change in the future but this is a good place to start). 
Since I think there might be a easier way to export existing Firewall rules etc. to a new Firewall I thought I might as well ask. I know that the other way around there would be a Forti Product for that.


Do any of you know if there is a easy (and preferrably) way to do this?

Thank you for your help already :)



I don't think there is any tool made for converting the config from other device to FortiGate firewall.



Thought so too, but since I am rather new to Forti-Products I thought might aswell give it a shot.
Thanks anyways for your help, much appreciated <3


FortiConverter has support for Sophos conversions as far as i can tell:

Alternatively, Fortinet professional services should be able to help out. 


Take a backup before making any changes

But If I do not misunderstand this, FortiConverter is thought to work from a FortiGate to a Sophos and not the other way around, or am I wrong?

I don't think that we need professional Councelling, at least for this task. To convert the Rules shouldn't be too hard since it's a rather small customer. It's more about comfort tbh :D.

Thanks for your answers anyway, it's very much appreciated. <3


Forticonverter can take a config from a 3rd party device such as a Sophos firewall and convert aspects of the configuration into FortiGate configuration.

Take a backup before making any changes

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