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Fortigate as SSL VPN Client - DNS Issues?


We recently setup our Fortigate to act as an SSLVPN Client for access to a vendor network. After doing so, we noticed name resolution of FQDNs failing for internal domains. I checked the DNS config via 'diag test app dnsproxy 2' and found two addresses listed which are not the same as those found under config system dns. I had a hunch that local-out DNS requests were going to DNS servers provided by the SSL VPN server - and after connecting a Windows endpoint and confirming, we have a case open with Fortinet TAC for resolution/confirmation this is a bug (SSLVPN Client overriding system-level DNS).

Has anyone ever ran into this? I didn't see anything in the documentation related to DNS under the SSL VPN client config or release notes.


I tested the same with FGT running 7.2.8. If SSL VPN configurations contain a DNS server configured, that overrides the DNS on the client when VPN is connected

FGVM-DR (settings) # show
config vpn ssl settings
set dns-server1


GW # diag test app dnsproxy 2
worker idx: 0
worker: count=1 idx=0
retry_interval=500 query_timeout=1495
DNS latency info:
vfid=0 server= latency=1 updated=908


Basically this should affect the traffic originated from FGT itself, the end host can have their DNS configured on the DHCP scope.

- Emirjon
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I did a search internally and it seems that this is the expected behavior. If the SSL VPN server has the DNS configured with "set dns-server1" than the SSL VPN client will update/override the DNS.


GW # diag test application dns 3


DNS override links:
DNS dynamic server override (cnt=1 version=3:3):
fd=35 vfid=0 vrf=0 server=

- Emirjon
If you have found a solution, please like and accept it to make it easily accessible for others.

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