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Route traffic using Fortiswitch, but witouth Inter VLAN Routing

Hi all ¡¡

I want to configure 2 stand alone fortiswitches, forming an MCLAG with ICL. Afther that, I want to define 3 VLANS, each one with a layer 3 address. For example: Vlan 1 Vlan 2 Vlan 3


The fortiswitch will be configured with default route (firewall) connected to VLAN 1.


Finally, I want these 3 Vlans can route traffic (using the static route configured) but , I don't want these 3 Vlans can route traffic between them witouth previously leave Fortiswitch.


For example, we have a server1 connected to VLAN 1, with IP and default gateway that wants to connect with server2 connected to Vlan 3 with default gateway


The flow traffic that I'm looking for Layer 3 is:  SERVER1 --> FORTISWITCH --> ROUTER -->FORTISWITCH-->SERVER2


I have read about offload IP options, but Im not sure wether enable or disable it, the layer 3 of the switch could work this way. Maybe, another option to ge it could be using VRF ...


Thanks ¡¡¡








Thanks for your help. It's not an usual scenary, I think the best way to achieve this will be using VRFs.


If you want to pass all the traffic for this 3 VLANs through the router, than technically you don't need this L3 interfaces in the switch. You can span the VLANs and have their gateways configured as sub-interface in the router.

- Emirjon
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This L3 switch, needs to route the traffic to two different routers before it arrives them. I don't want to bypass the traffic troughth it at L2. Thanks in any case, I'm going to do that configuration using VRFs.


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