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Inter-VLAN Routing Offload Support & Design

I'd like to take advantage of this new feature (routing offload) on a pair of 1000-series switches. I'm following the commands listed in the article below, but one of the commands is missing entirely. Its the "set switch-controller-offload-ip <IP_address>" command. Has anyone tried this yet? Is it possible this feature requires the "Advanced Features" license for FortiSwitch?


Running FortiOS 7.4.2.

Support inter-VLAN routing by managed FortiSwitch units 7.4.1 

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Based on Documentation,  

By default, switch-controller-offload and switch-controller-offload-gw are disabled.

The switch-controller-offload-ip option is available only when switch-controller-offload is enabled.


Hope you have verified this

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Rosa Technocrat -- Also on YouTube---Please do Subscribe

Yes, I believe I read the same doc you did. I'll be working on it today & will try again. I'm curious if this is due to NOT having the Advanced Features license on the FortiSwitches. That license is necessary for any dynamic routing protocols, including VRRP.

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