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Local internet traffic going through split tunnel

I've got a Fortigate 60F and connecting from a Samsung S22 phone.


I've set up a IPSec tunnel using PSK and IKEV2 and split tunnel. It connects fine, but all of the traffic wants to go through the VPN and not just non-internet traffic that I want. I'm assuming I'm pushing a route somehow, but I don't see where. My local subnet is which I have in the "Remote Address" under "Phase 2 Selectors".


Thoughts on what I can check?


What is the Forti client and Forti OS firmware you have?

can you please type the following command from Windows CL after connecting to the VPN and share the output here?

> route print

Mrinmoy Purkayastha
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The Forti OS is 7.4.0. I'm using the native Android vpn client rather than the Forti client.


Hi @ACS1


Have you tried IKEv1 or try using FortiClient? 


Under android setting there is an option to select forwarding routes, and by default it's You can change that to subnet you want to access via VPN, that should be the only subnet forwarded via the tunnel. It should be under VPN settings > Forwarding Routes. 




Can you check if the 'Enable IPv4 split tunnel' option is enabled and you have configured the accessible networks?

Here is an article that goes over this configuration:
Technical Tip: Enable split-tunnel For IPsec VPN - Fortinet Community


Can you please share the output of the following command? (PLEASE MASK THE CONFIDENTIAL DETAILS) ??
show vpn ike phase1-interface <name_of_tunnel>

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Hi @ACS1,

You can confirm that you have enabled split tunnel (check-marked) and Accessible Network has address object specifying the specific LAN subnet. (i.e. it should not be set to

You can refer below KB article for the same:

If you are using any other client apart from Forticlient, you can see below article on how to push static routes for local subnets:


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It sounds like a routing issue in your IPSec tunnel configuration. To ensure only non-internet traffic goes through the VPN, check the following:

  1. Verify your split tunneling settings to ensure they are correctly configured.

  2. Double-check the routing tables on both ends to make sure you are not pushing a default route ( through the VPN.

  3. Review your Fortigate firewall policies and make sure they Walentina allow the desired traffic.

  4. Consider checking the VPN logs for any clues on the routing behavior.

If the issue persists, consulting Fortigate support or community forums may provide more specific guidance tailored to your setup.

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It sounds like you've set up the VPN, but encountering an issue with traffic routing. Since you're using a Fortigate 60F, it might be worth double-checking the routing policies and make sure you're not inadvertently pushing all traffic through the perte de VPN. Additionally, ensure your split tunnel configuration is correctly applied to allow only specific traffic through the VPN. If the issue persists, consulting Fortinet's support resources or community forums might provide further insights. Good luck with your setup! 

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It seems like your VPN is tunneling all traffic instead of just the desired non-internet traffic. Double-check your routing settings on both ends to ensure you're not inadvertently routing all traffic through the VPN. Also, verify the settings for split tunneling on your Fortigate 60F to ensure it's properly configured to only route specific traffic through the VPN. Additionally, reviewing the Step Guide  Phase 2 Selectors and any routing rules might provide further insights. Good luck troubleshooting!

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