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Interface History Custom Report

As we all know, the status dashboard has an "Interface History" widget. I love this widget however it resets when the device is power cycled.


How would I go about creating a FortiAnalyzer report that would show the same data in the same manner (hour, day week) bandwidth in and out (MBps) See attached file for how it looks in the GUI. 

The FAZ is running 5.0.x code 


I know there is a dataset I need to make etc but I have no idea how to do that (databases and sql are not strong points of mine)interface_history.gif

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You can run this report per FGT vdom, if you have many devices in same ADOM, go to report setting and select "Multiple Reports". This report is based on FGT event log "perf-stats", which is sent from FGT every 5 min by default. BTW, Do you want to see the total bandwidth rate or sent/received rate? Average or Maximum?


Currently FGT doesn't send interface bandwidth rate info to FAZ, we will check with FOS team and see if we can add this feature.




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Would be lovely to have this. Especially in troubleshooting performance eval scenarios.

As well as drill down live view in Fortiview per interface. Same view as the combined bandwidth.

I man can dream :)


I'm also looking for the same kind of report. If anyone has found a way, please let me know. Maybe a third party software could keep track of our WAN interface usage?

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It's now 2019.  Has anyone found a way in FortiAnalyzer to get this graph that appears on the Widget?



Hello everyone, I've got a searchable "Dataset" that displays the information of Down, Up and Total interfaces. But I still could not display a column with the interface description. Ex: WAN1 - LINK "XYZ" In the report I only have the name of the interface and for the end user this is not acceptable. Can someone help me ?


select `srcintf`, sum(coalesce(`rcvdbyte`,0)) as total_recvd_bytes, sum(coalesce(`sentbyte`,0)) as total_sent_bytes, sum(coalesce(`rcvdbyte`,0)+coalesce(`sentbyte`,0)) as total_bytes from $log where $filter group by `srcintf` order by total_bytes desc

Result Image" />


2020 now same question .

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Also looking for the same thing, I take it nothing as yet?


i find it absurd that even though this is a chart that shows up in the FGT in the widgets but yet we cant get this in a FAZ...




regards, NP

Glad to see this thread still alive after five years 

Mike Pruett Fortinet GURU | Fortinet Training Videos

Historical bandwidth utilization graph and report on FortiAnalyzer

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Defend Your Enterprise Network With Fortigate Next Generation Firewall

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