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Hey Guys, How much is a FortiAnalyzer in Azure running you monthly to maintain? I am half tempted to make the jump from appliance to that but I wanted to wrap my head around those particular costs first. How do you guys deploy it as well from a secur...
Where can we find an OID list for Fortinet devices?I want to be able to monitor certain things from certain devices but can't find a OID listing.
Just wanted to give you guys an update. I have a wide range of production hardware running 5.4.1 now (models from FWF60D all the way up to FGT 300D so far). Everything seems to be running fine and I haven't noticed any issues. Only real thing I had t...
Well, based on what I am hearing from others, it seems 5.4.1 is a dud. I haven't pushed it onto my home 92D yet but I am probably going to sit back and see what others are saying before I decide to do so. Here comes the "When does 5.4.2 hit? thread" ...
We have app control applied to our DNS outbound policy.The app only allows DNS out on the DNS policy We have noticed in our logs that we see Google.Plus being identified (and blocked) on our DNS policy. Have you guys seen that? Is this common or is t...
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