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Hello!I am having trouble with the memory report not being able to run on one cluster node.It seems to average between the two nodes in the cluster.The settings I am using is: Report Chart: Memory UsageDataset: event-Usage-MemFilter: Fortigate Serial...
Hello!According to the new data sheet, the 50E supports Fortiexplorer. A typo or correct?Can anyone confirm? https://www.fortinet.com/...rtiWiFi_50E_Series.pdf
Hello!So, we installed the 5.4.1 update coming from 5.4.0.There has been alot of changes to the report front page. I am unable to find any information in the release notes regarding this and it´s handled really shitty.Where is the QA??? The default b...
We are planning on expanding our Fortianalyzer VM with an additional raid set and adding another logical disc to FAZ. This will be done via the execute lvm extend command later. I was wondering how the FAZ will utilize this new disc? I was unable to ...
Hello!Previously you could use the "%DateISO%" command for uploading logs to a folder based on the current date.This no longer works in 5.4Is there any way to achieve this? String "execute backup logs-only FW-01 ftp User Pass /Logs/%DateI...
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