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Import Policy from Fortigate to newly added fortimanager



we have new fortimanager in our network environment. and i have added my FGT firewalls in that. now please anyone tell me that how can i get my all the policies from fortigate to be shown in fortimanager.


i have though of doing import from device manager then install. but that has given me error. was this the right process.

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You can get the FG's policy either when adding the new FG into FMG or later, with import. Now, could you please be more specific on the error you got when you tried importing the policy?



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Again i have worst experience being here. even after 5 days no reply.


i got to know the answer now. thanks. only import will complete the job



There is insufficient information in your original post to provide much of a response.


This is just an end-user forum.  If you want timely answers, it would be best to open a ticket with Fortinet support.

Chris Hall
Fortinet Technical Support
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His Question is valid. Rather than import POlicy from FMGR into FGT, we need to get teh current Policy Profile/package off of the FGT that's now added to the FMGR and import it into the Policy Profile packages so we can use it as a template basis for either adding it to other FGT's and or updating the newly added FGT in the future without causing Disruption by applying a new policy package that may be missing something. 


Make sense? how does one do that? 


Answer to my question.


do the import policy by selecting that device from device manager. and just do next next and click ok for all mapping.


a new policy package will also get created.

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Ditto, it's really that easy. You can also re-imported the policy again and again. You see this happening if the manager is down and you makes on the FGT locally. Just re-import


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