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Hi Team, I am Not able to register fortigate 80c on fortimanager VM64.when i re-register the device and re-login to fortigate it is showing me its managed via fortimanager. but i am not getting any unregistered device on fortimanager to be registered...
Hi is there any way that if my fortigate goes down due to power distruption i can get email alert i have only 1 standalone device
Hi All I knw policy route having preference over Static and all other route But do anyone knw a command to make sure that traffic is going only via policy route not via static route. I am asking this question in case someone has misconfigured policy ...
Hi, i forgot one command and not able to find in internet. there was one command which we run in fortigate. and after that what ever i will do in fortigate via GUI and see equivalent commands in CLI. this helps for making scripts.
Hi Thanks in advance. i would appreciate if you can please guide me the script or cli for removing TACACS from fortigate. i want to run script in fortimanager. 2. Can someone also tell me script for importing policy and objects from fortigate to fort...