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Hello, We need to migrate an existing FWB-VM from ESXi 6.5 to7.0. Do you know if this hypervisor version is supported? At https://docs.fortinet.com/document/fortiweb-private-cloud/latest/fortiweb-vm-on-vmware-esxi/670068/system-requirements it seems ...
Hello, Does anybody know how to get rid of this new stupidity in FMG 7.0.x, called "Change note"? Thanks
Hello, I have noticed that in FMG 7.0, when trying to add a static route to the SD-WAN interface, I'm getting an error message "router/static/3/ : device can not be empty". As a result, I cannot add a static route to SD-WAN via the FMG. Has something...
Hello, In the standalone Fortiswitch, we can configure the following VLAN settings in a port: Native VLAN, Allowed VLAN list and Untagged VLAN list. This configuration is available only in the standalone switch; when the switch is managed by a FortiG...
Hello, I'm trying a dialup IPsec VPN with mode config in 7.0 with FortiClient (7.0 also) and it seems that the client is not provisioned with an IP address. The debug shows that a connection is been established at phase 1, but after a few P1 retransm...
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