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Hub and Spoke Topology Not Working as Expected



I've built a Hub-and-Spoke lab as I need to deploy SD-WAN, which is my ultimate goal here. The configuration went smooth with no issues I can remember. However, after the configuration is complete, and BGP is up, the spokes are not able to reach each other. I tried troubleshooting, and found that the Hub is not passing the traffic. Below is my topology on EVE/PNet




I'm not sure where the issue is. But the firewalls doesn't pass the traffic through the tunnels!


I need to get SD-WAN fully running here.


All 3 firewalls are running the same version: FortiOS-VM64-KVM v7.2.4,build1396,23013 (GA.F).


For the IPSec Tunnels, I created the tunnels using the wizard using the Hub-and-Spoke Template


I'm really not sure what is missing here.

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Hello @mauromarme ,


I've got it to work in Hub-and-Spoke deployment after I changed the image I was using.


Seems that the FOS Image doesn't pass traffic. I changed to the FGT with trial license, and it worked with me. Time to work on the SD-WAN and see the outcome. It might take some time to work on it.

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hi @islam_nadim ,

Do you mind to share you HUB VPN configuration screenshot?

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First of all if you are thinking happened config failed:
I think you should check this all steps again,
1- How did you do ipsec tunnel for hub and spoke devices:
Is these true ? tunnel ip address, local subnets, and AS numbers.
2- Is it true interfaces of devices (wan port) and wan ip address for tunnels.
3- Spoke devices should announce networks (local subnets) with BGP.
4- You can check on BGP portal , can you see neighbors? you should see ip address and remote AS of spokes. ( maybe it didnthappen)

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Hi, configuration is correct. BGP is running fine .. The issue was in the image of the Fortigate itself. After changing it, everything worked as expected.


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