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Description This article describes which technique can be used to prioritize traffic as stated in the example below: 100MB Bandwidth Available on the WAN Interface. There are 2 User Types: Agents and Management. The main goal is to prioritize the Man...
Description This article describes the expected behavior when MAC Address objects are used on SD-WAN rules. Scope FortiOS 7.2.x. Solution Occasionally, there is a need to utilize MAC Address objects as sources or destinations in SD-WAN Rules. These o...
Description This article describes how to resolve cases where traffic is correctly forwarded by the FortiGate but encounters issues such as non-functional traffic or no response from the destination host to the source host. Scope FortiGate v7.2.x Sol...
Description This article describes instructions on setting up the FortiGate to direct internal users to an External Captive Portal, ensuring authentication before granting network access. In this scenario, the Captive Portal Server is situated behind...
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