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Setting Up FortiGate DDNS Behind ZTE Router (Bridge Mode Not Enabled)

Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble setting up DDNS on my FortiGate device. My current setup involves a ZTE router, and bridge mode is not enabled on this router. Consequently, my FortiGate DDNS is not working as expected.

Here are the details of my setup:
- Router Model: ZTE MC801A
- Current Router Mode: Not in Bridge Mode
- FortiGate Model: 40f
- DDNS Provider: Fortinet DDNS

I've followed the standard configuration steps for setting up DDNS on the FortiGate, but it seems like the ZTE router is causing some issues. I suspect the problem lies in the router's configuration, but I'm not entirely sure what needs to be changed.

Has anyone dealt with a similar setup? Any advice or step-by-step guidance on what needs to be done to get DDNS working in this scenario would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, if someone is willing to assist me through AnyDesk, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hello bl1k00, 


Ideally when you configure DDNS for FGT when behind a NAT device, you should enable "Use Public IP address" on the DDNS configuration section.

Do you see your public IP when you run command: diag sys wan ip ?



If you need an engineer to help you over a remote session, please create support ticket from your account.


Thank you!

Best regards,


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Do you want to remotely get in your FGT using the FQDN? Or do you want to set up static IPsec VPN using the FQDN? If the former, you still need to set up VIP/DNAT/port forwarding at the ZTE's router to your FGT's wan interface.


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I want to remotely login into Fgt using fqdn 


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