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Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to enable HA between two FortiAnalyzers each in a different Datacenter to ensure data redundancy. If not, can a Fortigate send logs to more than 1 FortiAnalyzer at a time?
Hello, I've built a Hub-and-Spoke lab as I need to deploy SD-WAN, which is my ultimate goal here. The configuration went smooth with no issues I can remember. However, after the configuration is complete, and BGP is up, the spokes are not able to rea...
Hello, I'm looking for a FortiSwitch image to run in a lab environment as to prepare for the NSE8 Lab exam especially that the exam is using vSwitch. However, I'm not able to locate any image for the switch that can work in VMWare Workstation or EVE-...
Hello All, Hope you are all fine. I have an issue with the FortiClient. I'm building a lab for a project that I will deploy. I tried to deploy a Remote Access VPN (SSL VPN) on a VM edition of the Fortigate, but it is not working with me. When I try t...
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