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Fortigate (600e) / Meraki Switch not working



  I am trying to get our FG to connect to our Meraki Switch using x2 as the LAN. When when I connect the switch to the x2 port it never connects and devices on the switch can't connect to the internet. 


I have DHCP setup on port x2 and when checking the logs I see DHCP handing out address to devices connected to the switch.  We also have 2 Meraki APs connected to the switch and they do not connect out or nor do devices connected to the APs. 


  If I connect a copper SFP to the x2 port the computer gets and address and can connect to the web. Any thoughts? The switch port is set to trunk vlan 1 (default). 




So, if you connect something else to that port and it works, why do you think the problem is with the port itself? Have you checked if the switch is doing any VLAN tagging? maybe not all vlans are allowed to the port to X2, or maybe not the native vlan.

I'd say this has to be checked on the switch

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Hi AlexC,


I don’t think it’s the port itself I’m wondering if it’s somehow confused with the traffic coming to it. I’ve tried two different switches with the same setup (trunk vLan 1, no blocks all allowed) and it does the same thing. I didn’t know if there was a default vLan the FG was set to that I should change on the switch. 



Confused? I don't think that's a term to use in a binary system. 
You can actually run a packet capture to confirm that packets are received.
And you can run a debug flow to see why they are denied. These are the basic troubleshooting tools available.

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