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Forticlient VPN ARM processer

We bought an Microsoft Surface Pro 9 which has an ARM processer.
The point of buying this was to hook it up with the Fortinet VPN, so we could go anywhere and still be connected.
Problem is i can't install it on the Surface Pro 9, due to having an ARM processer.
I was wondering if there was any early access or beta for Forticlient VPN for ARM processers that we could try?

Or is there any other solution?

I tried the Microsoft store app, but that doesn't seem to work with SAML.
The VPN connection is SAML with Azure.


Hi @aspnovac,


Please refer to this article:


When using SAML, what is the behavior or error message? 



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Hi @hbac 
I have followed the instructions in that link.
But, my organisation uses MFA.
With FortiClient VPN app, it opens the browser.
How should I do it in my case?
I also have a new Surface Pro with ARM processor.


I have the exact same issue, when I try to use the Windows store Forti app I get the following error when I try to connect to our VPN with Azure SAML:

SSLVPN Error: code=-30008000(v1.0.1041)

Invalid authentication cookie. Authentication failed.


FortiClient is not innately supported on ARM devices and the workarounds may or may not work. To save yourself the hassle, I would highly recommend you to purchase/exchange for a non-ARM based Surface Pro

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That's the most useless and unprofessional response I ever saw from a staff in my life!!
To update you regarding the current IT world as it seems you are living under a rock, the latest Surface, along with several PCs from Lenovo, HP, Dell, etc. are all coming with Snapdragon X Elite and Plus processors. 

Windows on ARM few years ago wasn't really a thing when Intel was trying with their ARM processors. Now, it's a real deal!

All the Copilot+ PCs now and in the future will be using ARM processors. 

So, you cannot recommend someone who got the latest PC to go back to an older one just because you do not support it.

The possible and acceptable solutions are:
- support the latest Windows on ARM, at least for the VPN
- provide a solution to use Windows' native VPN option to configure accessing Forticlient.

The current problem with the provided workaround is the SSO, nothing else. So, this shouldn't be a big issue to actually guide us how to configure that part.


Agreed! With all of the major manufactures coming out with computers running the Snapdragon processors and Microsoft with a ARM version of Windows 11, not supporting it isn't an option. This needs to happen quickly!

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Did anyone find a work around or able to get any help from support? this issue is driving me crazy!


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