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FortiOS 6.4 is out


It's dropped support for the 30e / 50e, so I wont be able try and load into test lab :(

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Hi Philippe,


Most of the monitor pages have been moved to the dashboard and can be added as widgets. This change is mentioned in the release notes here:


550911: Consolidate Monitor and FortiView pages.

FortiView and Monitor entries have been removed from the navigation bar. Most of the pages under them now show up as widgets in several newly added default dashboards. Exceptions being: 

- WiFi Client Monitor, which has been renamed to WiFi Clients and moved to the WiFi & Switch Controller section.

- Modem and WAN OPT pages which will still show up under Monitor if the feature is enabled.

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Hi all,


I've had 6.4 running on a 60E for 18 days now. No issues with the upgrade and very stable. I quite like some of the GUI rearragnements and the upgrade has resolved a few issues I was seeing in 6.2.3 so I'm impressed so far.


As others have commented I think a short list of features and known issues gives me more condidence in the 6.4 release going forward. Hope others have similar experience.


However, I had noticed today that memory usage had climbed a bit. Memory use was around 67% initialy but had crept up to 80% today- so not serious, but would have triggered "Conserve Mode" in another day or two.


I had seen some comments (Reddit I think?) of someone else reporting similar issues which they believed were caused by the IOT daemon.


So quick diag check of the iotd:-


diag test app iotd 2 iotd_mem_stats:     alloc 2484424 free 734627 fail 0 now 258984944 max 258984944



and then a iod restart:-


diag test app iotd 99


gave me the following post-restart iotd memory stats:-


diag test app iotd 2 iotd_mem_stats:     alloc 1611 free 1 fail 0 now 253268 max 253268



This dropped the overall memory use from 80% back to 67% again.


So might be one to look for, and may indicate a slow memory leak in the iotd process?


I'll keep an eye on it and raise a ticket if I see it continue.


Kind Regards,





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I have same problem with 6.4 on 60E and VLAN with PPPoE on WAN interface. IP not received from Internet Provider.


I´ve downgrade to 6.2.



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Tipdrill wrote:

- Vlan do not work, everything is configured correctly. I have vlans with realy dhcp for avaya phones and the traffic no longer passes. The policies are correct.

Likely encountered a known issue mentioned in the release notes here:

VLANs on a FortiLink interface configured to use a hardware switch interface may fail to come up after upgrading or rebooting.


- The new GUI does not load the interface bandwidth widgets. They remain in continuous loading.


Can you disable `monitor-bandwidth` for the interface from the CLI (instructions below), remove the widget for it from the GUI and add it again and let me know if that helps? If it does work, then it is likely an issue that we are looking to fix in a subsequent patch. 


To disable `monitor-bandwidth` for an interface:

> config system interface

> edit [insert port you want to edit]

> set monitor-bandwidth disable

> end

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To my eyes the highlights are ipv4 / ipv6 feature parity finally, vrf route leaking, and device types back in the form of IOT NAC.


But overall, smaller change than 6.2, or 6.0 were




No support for 40/60/100F models I see.


Anyone know if that is coming?



I'm rather surprised about the 30E/50E. Ain't that old, or ill-supplied. As with any new main line, FTNT might supply those later.

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
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Yeah they dropped a lot of models in v6.4





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Anybody know how long the beta ran?  They have such a short list of resolved issues.


I'm glad to not see that many big new features.  Hoping this means 6.4 will stabilize more quickly than previous versions.


I was really hoping to see Fabric idp Connector for AzureAD (NOT LDAP/domain services) and maybe Google.


Lots of businesses are moving cloud only, which means no local Active Directory/LDAP. They may not be there today, but they are moving that direction. (Direction = Source of truth for ID/auth is in the cloud)




100D/200D not support on 6.4 GA.

The "smallest" on D series is 300D...


Edit : this is strange, 100D was available on Beta, 200D not.

2 FGT 100D  + FTK200

3 FGT 60E  FAZ VM  some FAP 210B/221C/223C/321C/421E

2 FGT 100D + FTK200 3 FGT 60E FAZ VM some FAP 210B/221C/223C/321C/421E

Fortigate/FortiWifi 30E = not supported, but when i read the resolved issues i found the following


"574724 SSL VPN conserve mode on FWF-30E when FortiGate unit enters memory less than 25%."


very strange.

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Wonder if they are still planning to have the 100D and 30E in 6.4 but couldn't resolve existing problems with them in time for the release?


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