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I will update on next days, but only few Resolved issues
Hi,Is there any way to check if a 421E AP is powered with PoE or PoE+ ?Just to check remotely if I need to change power injector for a PoE+ one.Thanks
Hi all,I was running 6.0.6, and since I update to 6.0.9, I can't connect to my exchange server from wifi network.Every security stuff are off on policy, I also disable WIDS on fortiap profile.I can't rollback since we use local guest provisionning fo...
Hi,I'm currently running an A/P cluster with 2 x 100D, on v6.0.6.SSID are setup on tunnel mode. If I reboot active FGT, all FortiAP are seen offline for 10/15 minutes I found this doc for a fast failover for integrated Wifi controler https://docs.for...
Hi,I'm using deep inspection and I often have like a timout with some https websites.I'm using Chrome, error is ERR_TIMED_OUT. I can reach thoses websites after 1 or 2 page refreshIf I change to certificate inspection, no problems.The cert used for D...