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FortiManager Global Database version not able to upgrade

I have 'inherited' a FortiManager v7.03 instance where I can see the Global database is still on v5.6. The Root ADOM is v6.0 Therefore, there is no option in the UI to upgrade the Global Database. What is the impact of not being able to upgrade this? Should I just re-image this Manager? It's a VM and it was managing 3 HA pairs of 7.0.5 firewalls but they have all been removed for the moment due to issues with other admin's making OOB changes.

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Hello trickyc,


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I have found this KB article:


Could you please tell me if it helps?



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Hi, I have the same issue. Fortimanager is on version 7.2.2 and Global Database ADOM on version 6.0. Fortimanager 7.2.2 no longer support ADOMs version 6.0 and I can't open the Global Database. I can't use the upgrade ADOM option as mentionned in any KB from this link

The upgrade ADOM is greyed out.
What else can I try?


Hi Solulan,


You can reset the Global Database ADOM to 7.2 version by below command:


# execute reset adom-settings <adom> <version> <m>


# execute reset adom-settings Global 7 2


Kindly refer below KB for comprehensive explanation: 



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