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FortiAP takes 40 Min to be online

We have Fortigate on HA Active-Passive Cluster.

Whenever we restart the FortiGate the APs goes down . Secondary firewall comes up after restart later 5 min the primary firewall takes the Master role and up.


Firewall restart process takes only maximum of 5min. But the Ap's connected to it takes 40min to come online. APs are getting IP and i can able to access the portal and checked the state it says discovered the Access controller but no SSID or not up status in Fortigate.


I captured some traffic and checked that APs are not sending client Hello request to FG and only sending & receiving Keep Alive Control Data 5247 . 


After 30-35 Min it sends client hello request then immediately joins the Fortigate.



After sometime i found the workout , we need to restart the AP after the restarting the firewall so that we don' have wait for 30-40 min to join. After restart AP immediately joins the Fortigate.



I have read on internet that FortiAP can goes to configurator mode it will exit after 30min automatically , i doubt that my APs are going Configurator mode after restarting the firewall. 


Both Firewall & Forti AP are in same Firmware 7.2 , its not firmware related .


Am not sure why this happens , can some one help me on this ?  FortiAP FortiGate  FortiADC  @lpetit_FTNT 



Could you please let me know the FGT and FAP model?

also, please provide below outputs from FGT:


show full-config wireless-controller global

show full-config wireless-controller timers

Sachit Das
ETAC Engineer
Wifi-Switching – International Support

FGT - 201E

FAP - 221E


Prima-configuration wireless-controller timers
config wireless-controller timers
set echo-interval 100
set discovery-interval 5
set client-idle-timeout 300
set client-idle-rehome-timeout 20
set auth-timeout 5
set rogue-ap-log 0
set fake-ap-log 1
set rogue-ap-cleanup 0
set sta-stats-interval 1
set vap-stats-interval 15
set radio-stats-interval 15
set sta-capability-interval 30
set sta-locate-timer 1800
set ipsec-intf-cleanup 120
set ble-scan-report-intv 30
set drma-interval 60


show full-configuration wireless-controller global
config wireless-controller global
set name ''
set location ''
set image-download enable
set max-retransmit 25
set control-message-offload ebp-frame aeroscout-tag ap-list sta-list sta-cap -list stats aeroscout-mu sta-health spectral-analysis
set data-ethernet-II enable
set link-aggregation disable
set mesh-eth-type 8755
set fiapp-eth-type 5252
set discovery-mc-addr
set max-clients 0
set rogue-scan-mac-adjacency 7
set ipsec-base-ip
set wtp-share disable
set tunnel-mode compatible
set nac-interval 120
set ap-log-server disable



Please revert the values to default and then check. FortiAP re-discovers FGT when the retrasnmit count (default is 3) fails


# config wireless-controller global
# set max-retransmit 3
# end


# config wireless-controller timers
# set echo-interval 30
# end

Sachit Das
ETAC Engineer
Wifi-Switching – International Support
New Contributor

okay will try and update .


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