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Bridged Mikrotik is dropping by fortigate 60E

Hello Dears
I am a new one with fortigate T-Shootting

I had Mikrotik CCR-1009 and Linked two segments of network via SXT 5 ac together. so , I had two sides with ping or anythings.

two month ago we had issues by attacking and we decided to buy Fortigate as Firewall in our edge of network.
so we had configured Internet to firewall and we could establish connections from Firewall Side.


Our mikrotik Link , encountered with troubles . so we had lost other side from ping or anythings.

I realized that Fortigate will drop traffic from Mikrotik Bridged Connections. Because it sense that bridge1 which has joint two mac address from Mikrotik`s ( WLan + Ether1 ) , is an attack . because it is one connections which contains two mac address.

anyone who can Hel[ me ?



Hi daywalker7695, 


you should provide more details about your setup and the actual issue facts. Simple diagram, error logs, etc would be helpful too.


In general, the most effective way of troubleshooting packet flow related issues on Fortigate is by debugging it. Perhaps you can post the flow debug output here too. 







Can you explain further what do you mean by "Bridged connections"? Did you enable IPS on the Policy IPv4?You may consider to disable this security profile first.


Anyway, Putting a Fortigate in your network may consider as Changes of Design. And your current device may need to configure based on the new environment.


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