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FAP 221C Performance shocking since updating the Fortigate 7.2

So, due to various issues with our Wi-Fi, which consists of a mixture of 165 x 231F's and 16 x 211C's, my Dell 3150 Lattitude Laptop with an Intel AX160 NIC can only shift up to 1.3mbps.


The Signal on the AP and the Client are -62db the noise -95 so it should be able to achieve way more than that.


Tried various configurations, 802.11N only, forcing the band on the client to 5ghz, the AP is 8 meters from my position and despite a Perspex window, I have line of site. A phone on the same AP but different SSID is achieving 56Mbps on


I've updated drivers on my laptop but i'm at a loss as to what to do next.


The SSID my laptop connects to is a WPA2-Enterprise with Radius Local Bridge net and Fast BSSID Transition is enabled.


I don't believe the problem impacts the 231F's and I plan to test my laptop in a room with a 231F next.


First of all, are there any gotchas I should know about?


Are there any performance improvements that can be made in config?




The 221C is quite old.  Time for a replacement IMHO


I know but I spent the budget on a pair of 1101E’s and 165 fap231F’s.


 It’s on the to do list ;)


What version of FortiAP OS is running on the 221C?


Also you probably need to have this enabled please check:


config wireless-controller global

  set tunnel-mode compatible



The latest available is v6.0.0 build 44 I believe, I’ll try that setting as some areas have 221B’s. Those buildings will be destroyed next year so no point investing.

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Did you ever make any progress here?


I have a 222C meshed off a 231F, all worked great with FortiOS 7.0.11, after upgrading to FortiOS 7.2, there is now packet loss over the mesh and I cant get one of my wifi clients connected to any SSID - even with open security! My tunnel-mode is already set to compatible.

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