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New Setup for Veterinary Hospital

Hello All, 


I am a new Hospital Administrator at a veterinary clinic in Phoenix, AZ and the phone system is not conducive to doing efficient business. I was told I need to purchase a support license but I was wondering if the small changes I need to make might be answered here in the forum section first.


All I want to do is reconfigure all the phones into an external multi-line system and work on changing the voice greeting for when we are away. The previous administration left me with very little info. 


Currently, when someone calls we can pick up the phones from any terminal and put them on hold but cannot pick up the call that is on hold from any terminal. I would like to change that. 


Also, I do have access to the Fortivoice and can see when our phones turn over and which "mode" they are in but I don't know how to change the mode or the actual voice messages that are linked to the mode. 


Thanks in advance for any help!


You would do well to explore the FortiVoice admin guide. It has lots of good details on how to maintain and configure the phone system.


What you want to do is enable Call Parking:


Regarding the greeting, it depends if it's set up in an auto-attendant or an extension but here's some relevant docs: