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200F Dedicated Management Command Not Available

I have 200F single firewall, firmware is 7.2.2 Build 1255.

I am trying to set MGMT as OOB from CLI but the command "config system dedicated-mgmt " is not available. I was able to do the same on 401E firewall but on 200F firewall it's not available, please assist.


FW # config system
3g-modem Configure 3G modem.
accprofile Configure access profiles for system administrators.
acme Configure ACME client.
admin Configure admin users.
alias Configure alias command.
api-user Configure API users.
arp-table Configure ARP table.
auto-install Configure USB auto installation.
auto-script Configure auto script.
automation-action Action for automation stitches.
automation-destination Automation destinations.
automation-stitch Automation stitches.
automation-trigger Trigger for automation stitches.
autoupdate Configure automatic updates.
central-management Configure central management.
console Configure console.
csf Add this FortiGate to a Security Fabric or set up a new Security Fabric on this FortiGate.
custom-language Configure custom languages.
ddns Configure DDNS.
dhcp Configure DHCP.
dhcp6 Configure DHCPv6.
dns Configure DNS.

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Are you trying to set this up with a standalone 200F or in HA setup?



Standalone, single firewall.

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The 400E has an NP6 chipset in it while the 201F has an NP6X-Lite.  There are some different capabilities in the different chipsets.  According to the documents regarding the dedicated-mgmt setting "Using this command is not recommended and it is not available on all FortiGate models."


If you are looking to have all fortigate services use the mgmt ports instead of the traffic ports, then I would look at split-task vdom.  This is the best way to seperate management and traffic interfaces/traffic.


Another option is to keep the set dedicated-to management option on the mgmt port and put it in a different vrf.  Then you can add route(s) for the mgmt port.


How to keep mgmt port it in a different vrf and add static routes for the mgmt port?  


config system interface

edit mgmt

set vrf ##.   << Pick a VRF number other than 0



Then any routes you create associated with mgmt port will be in that vrf.  You will see them when you do:


get router info routing-table all


Thank You, I have configured but I am unable to define another physical interface with the same subnet like MGMT interface.

Interface Port1 & Port2 in VRF1. MGMT in VRF 0.

I want MMGT to use Port2 as gateway. But it gives the error as "Conflict with 'mgmt' subnet"

How can I resolve this?



You can enable subnet-overlap I would just be very careful to test to make sure you don't have any unintended results.  


# config system settings
     set allow-subnet-overlap [enable/disable]

I would still recommend looking at the split-task vdom for your setup.


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