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I am looking for Fortigate firewall buyers guide, most specifically UTM, Enterprise, Advanced Threat Protection vs manual selection of services. Is there URL / PDF for buyers guide?
I have fortigate firewalls 200 firewall configured SNMP. I am able to perform snmp MIB walk but unable to monitor the CPU and Memory utilization. I have defined the following OID but still doesn't seem to populate the data, CPU always shows 0 and Mem...
I have Fortigate firewall 80F in production with latest firmware. We executed vulnerability scan on this firewall and found the following vulnerability. Backup Files DisclosureDescriptionBy appending various suffixes (ie: .old, .bak, ~, etc...) to th...
I have 200F single firewall, firmware is 7.2.2 Build 1255.I am trying to set MGMT as OOB from CLI but the command "config system dedicated-mgmt " is not available. I was able to do the same on 401E firewall but on 200F firewall it's not available, pl...
I have setup FG-200 in HA and it's not allowing me to define MGMT as OOB interface using the following command. config system dedicated-mgmtset status enableset interface "mgmt" FortiGate-200F-ACTIVE # config system dedicated-mgmtcommand parse error ...
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